Used Server Cabinets For Sale

Whether you're revamping the data center in your business, or turning an extra bedroom into a home studio, used server rack cabinets from Global 1 Resource are just what you need to keep multiple equipment modules secure and organized. There are a wide variety of brands and specifications to choose from depending on your needs, and they all follow the 19-inch industry standard.

Virtually all of our new and used server rack cabinets are designed with square-hole boltless mounting to make installation, maintenance, and removal convenient. There are two- and four-post options available. The four-post racks are popular because they allow for mounting rails to support equipment at both the front and rear. In two-post racks, the equipment must be mounted in the panel holes in front, or at its center of gravity to minimize the load.

Global 1 Resources has all the best names in the server rack industry. They offer models with different cooling systems including front intake airflow, rear exhausts, as well as enclosed forced air fans.

Of course, all of our new and used server rack cabinets also follow the industry "U" standard of spacing. This standard was established in 1992 by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). One "U" is 1.752 inches (44.5 mm). Usually, the equipment module being installed in the server rack will have a front panel 0.031 inches less than the number of Us needed to allow for space between multiple pieces of equipment.

No matter what your needs are, we have the perfect model to match. By selling used server rack cabinets, we're able to sell our products at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Browse our selection or contact us today for helping selecting your next server rack.