Used Network Rack

If there's one thing that every IT company needs beyond servers, it's the rack enclosures that are used to house such equipment. Server rack enclosures are designed to keep computers cool, clean, and organized, so a business's IT system can run efficiently. What many companies don't realize, however, is that these server racks can be bought used as well as brand new.

So why should you consider a used network rack for your servers? Here are three reasons that can make them the perfect fit for your company:
Safer for servers: If you've ever stored an ordinary desktop computer out in the open, you know that it can quickly become dirty and dusty. The same thing can also happen to a server without the proper rack enclosure to keep it clean and dry. Because servers also need to be kept in areas that are free from dust and climate controlled, a good network rack will also contain ventilation to prevent that equipment from overheating.
Room for expansion: Server racks are designed to hold a particular number of server units; this is measured as 1u for one unit, 2u for two, and so on. Some of these server enclosures can hold dozens of server units, for those who have more information to store. By purchasing a used network rack, however, businesses can spend less and be able to get more, thus giving their IT departments room to expand in the future.
More cost-effective than buying new: Choosing used network racks is ideal for businesses that are looking to save money but still need quality storage for their servers. Refurbished server racks might have been previously utilized by other IT companies -- perhaps those who have already expanded -- but the cost savings allows them to get more bang for their buck. To most if not all employees, these refurbished models are impossible to tell apart from their brand new counterparts.

Think your company can benefit from used network racks to house your servers? Get in touch with us to find out which server racks will work best for your company.