Used Computer Racks

It turns out that simply having the right computers and servers for a business isn't enough. Companies also need to ensure that they purchase the correct server cabinets and computer racks in order to keep their IT equipment functioning properly. However, that doesn't necessarily mean going over budget buying brand new rack enclosures for this essential technology. Businesses can save money by choosing used computer racks and server cabinets that have been carefully restored and refurbished.

Used computer racks may seem like a "cheap" option, but, in fact, they are a cost-effective solution virtually indistinguishable from brand new cabinets. These server racks are available from all major brand names, and Global 1 Resources works to refurbish them, so they look as good as they did the day they came off the assembly line.

Because newer server racks and cabinets can cost more than buying refurbished, some business owners may opt out of installing them altogether, thinking that the costs are too much. However, this can present serious problems for IT equipment further down the road. If servers and other computers are improperly stored, they can become more susceptible to contamination from dust, dirt, moisture, and other common issues. This can later result in a costly malfunction for a company, and could mean replacing even more expensive equipment.

In order to keep computer equipment working properly, businesses should ensure that servers and racks are kept in clean, dust-free environments that can be climate-controlled. Used computer racks are capable of keeping servers cool and dry by providing plenty of ventilation. However, if a business forgoes proper server racks in favor of improper shelving and cabinets, then they could be in trouble. Choosing to buy used server racks instead can save money without sacrificing the integrity of a business's operations.

If you need help choosing the right computer and server racks for your business, make sure you give Global 1 Resources a call or check out our inventory online.