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Refurbished Server Racks

How does your company store its servers? If storage for your business's information technology equipment hasn't been on your mind lately, you may need to begin thinking about it. Because servers -- and any other types of computer equipment designed for business -- need to operate in specific conditions, having the right server cabinets is essential for this technology.

Many businesses find that affording such items can be difficult, but they can't risk the damage to their computers should they leave them out. Refurbished rack servers and cabinets may be the answer that these businesses need in order to keep their IT equipment safe, cool, and neatly stored.

Why use a refurbished server rack? For starters, these server enclosures are designed to keep dust, dirt, and other particles away from electronic devices. Dust can wreak havoc inside a computer and cause it to malfunction or overheat. That can wind up costing businesses a fortune in new equipment, not to mention time lost while the machines are replaced.

Another reason to select any type of server rack, refurbished or not, is to keep computers in a cool, dry space. Ideally, most data centers will operate at air-conditioned temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit and keep their servers in a sterile, dust-free clean room. Server rack enclosures also have spaces to provide ventilation, so equipment doesn't get too hot in a cabinet.

Does you business have an eye toward expanding? If so, you'll want to choose server rack cabinets that have room to expand. Most often, these racks are measured in terms of the number of units they can store; a "1u" server rack can only contain one server. By choosing a larger refurbished server rack, there's plenty of room for greater IT capabilities in the future.

Finally, choosing refurbished server racks allows businesses to save money. New and refurbished rack enclosures are identical, but the refurbished models give businesses a cost-effective way to manage their IT needs.