What You Should Know About Buying Server Racks

Posted by Marcos Garza on 23rd Mar 2014

What You Should Know About Buying Server Racks

What You Should Know About Buying Server Racks

According to Geek Wire, Microsoft is "one step closer" to fuel cell powered server racks. A team from the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California Irvine recently put together a proof-of-concept demonstration based on the system Microsoft had designed in a paper they released a year ago. The demonstration indicated massive efficiency gains would occur if Microsoft switched from the system it currently uses.

That said, it's unlikely that everyone is going to be switching over to fuel cell powered server racks. How much do you know about this technology? Here are a few common questions about server racks that you might want to know the answers to.

What Size Server Rack Should I Buy?

  • Server rack heights are typically measured in "u" sizes, and "u" is equivalent to 44.45mm. Since rack height is often "u," these are often referred to as 19 inch server rack enclosures.
  • Before choosing a server rack, you need to figure out what equipment you will need to store inside it. Extra equipment will require extra space.
  • The width of server racks are usually available in 600mm and 800mm. In both cases, the cabinet will have a 19" mount enclosure.
  • The reason people would choose an 800mm wide configuration is usually so that they have more room for cable management, as this allows more space.
  • Depth of server is also important. Most cabinets have between 900mm and 1,000mm depths.

Is There Any Problem With Buying Used Server Racks?

There is no reason you can't purchase a used server rack, and many are available online. Just make sure the ones you purchase are of good quality and haven't experienced any type of warping.

How Can I Ensure That The Server Cabinet Does Not Overheat?

It's important to make sure your server cabinet is well ventilated -- otherwise, your servers might start to malfunction, or cease to function altogether. Many cabinets use mesh doors, vents in the roof, and a design that encourages a flow of air through the server rack. Many cabinets can also come with optional fans and monitoring systems.

Have you used a 19 inch server rack? Let us know about your experience in the comments.