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Three Criteria You Can Use to Choose the Right Network Rack Enclosures for Your Servers

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No matter why your business relies on servers and other information technology, what really counts is having the right network rack enclosures to house those systems. Most businesses use server enclosure cabinets in a server room or closet to keep those devices stable and reliable. But some businesses fail to take into account their own requirements for a server enclosure cabinets, leading to frustration further on down the road.

Does this situation sound familiar? If it does, you can use the following criteria to find the right network rack enclosures for your business's IT needs:

  • Organization: The main purpose of any rack cabinet enclosure is to store and organize servers efficiently. Having an effective setup with regard to servers can make maintenance easier and troubleshooting faster in cast there are any issues. When purchasing server racks, pay attention to the size of the cabinet by looking at the number next to the "u." This indicates how many units the enclosure can hold. For example, a 36u server rack will have much greater capacity than a 2u or 4u rack.
  • Cooling: To keep servers in good working order, the temperature and humidity of the server room must be regulated. Warm temperatures can cause servers to overheat and malfunction, and a humid server room could let moisture seep into these systems. Even dust must be kept away from rack cabinet enclosures to keep everything working. Make sure before you buy a network rack enclosure that you have a cabinet that will ventilate the server properly and protect it from dust and moisture, as well.
  • Positioning: Finally, many businesses may find that they are short on space when it comes to storing their servers. Having an efficiently organized server enclosure system is one way to save on space. Another is to think about alternative options that allow for wall-mounted storage. A rack mount shelf can benefit a business with limited free space but plenty of room for wall storage. Server rack mount cabinets come in all sizes, so there's bound to be a space-saving solution for all types of businesses. However, don't forget to consider the future: think about purchasing something that will be easy to expand or add onto down the road if need be.

If necessary, ask about custom-designed server enclosure cabinets to find something that's just right for your business. Have more questions about finding the right server racks for your business? Leave a comment below.

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