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The Three Most Massive Trends for the Data Center in 2015

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The data center, or a building that houses vast networks of server rack enclosures, has become the go-to way to store massive amounts of data. Whether the data center is working for multiple customers as part of a cloud computing solution or it's an in-house data center for a major corporation, these server solutions are becoming wildly popular.

And as these data centers continue to grow in prominence and popularity, it's almost guaranteed that there will continue to be countless evolutions and changes in this technology.

Here are our top three predictions for the biggest trends in data center racks for the year of 2015 -- some of them just might amaze you:

Open source technologies will become more widely-adopted

The companies that run data centers and the server rack cabinets within them will increasingly take advantage of open-source softwares and technologies in 2015. Open source softwares are software programs that can be edited or altered by anyone -- this allows for rapid development and cultivating of new ideas. Because of its many advantages, you can expect more data center hardware to run on open source software this year.

Increased flexibility for software-defined hardware

Software-defined hardware allows information to be stored in virtual servers, meaning one can consolidate the amount of server racks used and be more efficient overall. In 2015, you can expect to see software-defined hardware increase in flexibility, with options emerging for all needs. Say goodbye to static technologies that aren't flexible or adaptable.

A massive move to DevOps

Finally, 2015 will see more and more data centers embracing DevOps, which is a method of making a business' IT structure more aligned to its specific needs. DevOps, which can help more traditional businesses compete with web-based startups and 21st-century enterprises, is poised to be one of the biggest things about data centers this year.

Do you agree with our predictions for data centers and server rack cabinets and enclosures in 2015? Share your thoughts -- and your own predictions for the upcoming year -- with us in the comments below.

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