Repair Shops Say Servers and Consoles Get Infested With Dust and Roaches

Posted by Global 1 Resources on 8th Dec 2015

Repair Shops Say Servers and Consoles Get Infested With Dust and Roaches

Any computer repair shop will be able to share a few horror stories about broken servers, computers, and consoles. Because many of these devices use fans to circulate air and reduce overheating, they're prone to dust damage. Often, these expensive machines get stuffed under a desk or in a closet and left alone for years. That is, until they experience a problem.

When they're finally opened up, you find this. Do a quick Google Image search for "server+dust," and you'll find countless photos of servers and computers damaged irreparably from dust. Even worse, because they're dry, dark, warm, and full of dust, some computers, servers, and video game consoles become infested with bugs, and yes, we mean actual bugs, as in roaches. You'll find videos and pictures online of devices filled with roaches, and many computer repair shops in the south actually have to have an extermination procedure because this happens so frequently.

Want To Keep Your Servers Cool and Dust Free? Invest in Server Rack Enclosures

Companies that neglect proper server storage and maintenance do so at their own risk. These delicate pieces of equipment can be damaged by heat, moisture, and dust, leading to wildly expensive problems. Unless you want your IT department to pay for expensive server repairs or even buy replacement equipment, then it's crucial to use server rack enclosures when you install your computers.

Technology and IT services take up a greater share of the U.S. economy each year; computer server manufacturing alone generates an estimated $14 billion in revenue each year. Between 2005 and 2010, energy use at U.S. data centers grew by 36%, and this use is expected to keep growing through at least 2020. All that energy creates heat, while fans draw in dust, putting vital IT operations at risk.

Unfortunately, many small to medium-sized businesses don't know what kind of server enclosures they need to get the longest shelf life from their IT equipment. If you're in the process of updating or building data center racks or any kind of small server rack enclosures, consider the following:

  • A server room's temperature should not go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 82 degrees Fahrenheit; most data centers stay at a stable temperature between 68 and 72 degrees.
  • A server rack unit equals 1.75 inches, known as a "U."

  • Most network switches come in sizes of 1U and 2U, while servers usually range from 1U to 4U, and blade servers come in sizes anywhere from 5U to 10U and higher.

If your company is installing servers or IT equipment, it's crucial to install the right-sized server rack enclosures from day one. Remember: you neglect this piece of equipment at your own risk.