Here's What You Need to Operate a Successful and Efficient Data Center

23rd Mar 2016

server rack enclosure

While operating a data center may seem like a "turnkey" initiative, this couldn't be further from the truth. The processes and daily responsibilities you incur are quite extensive, and it's impossible to reach your full potential without the right type of equipment.

When furnishing your data center, there are a few things that you'll need to keep in mind. First and foremost, your equipment needs to be durable but affordable. If you're reinvesting all of your revenue into brand new equipment, your data center will quickly approach a plateau. If your equipment breaks or wears down easily, clients will stop trusting you and stop using your services.

While it's a delicate balance to maintain, affordability paired with durability is the best way to ensure long term success. Here are three crucial things that you'll need to keep your data center running as well as possible:

  • Affordable equipment
    From advanced computers to basic server rack enclosures, every piece of equipment in your facility should walk the line between premium quality and bargain prices. The computer server manufacturing industry generates an estimated $14 billion in revenue annually, but as you likely know, this does not mean that every data center is swimming in money. The economy is still on the rebound, which is why you need to look past the glitz and glamour of the newest toys in favor of equipment that behooves your wallet.

  • Used server racks
    The crux of your business is server racks, and you literally cannot afford to overspend on these basic pieces of equipment. The most commonly sought server rack today is probably the four post rack designed to hold servers and appliances 19 inches wide. This is ideal for most data centers and should easily account for all of your servers. A single 19 or 23 inch rack can accommodate anywhere from 42 to hundreds of servers. Whichever way you go, you'd be wise to look for used server racks.

  • Server rack enclosures
    Data centers can get quite dusty, which is why you also need to invest in used server rack enclosures. Once again, there is no brand new rack enclosure that will "blow your mind." The value of these tools lies in their functionality, and as long as your enclosures safeguard your server racks, you'll be on the right path to success.

  • There are tons of other ancillary factors that can alter the success of your data center, but it all starts with the right kind of equipment. Keep these three things in mind and watch your data center grow to new heights.