From Universal Rail Kits to Keyboard Trays, Here's How You Can Enhance Your Data Center

Posted by Global 1 Resources on 19th Jan 2016

Sometimes operating a data center can be quite overwhelming, and your job is made even harder when racks and cables are strewn about the floor. As is the case in any industry, you need to invest in some important tools and resources without breaking the bank to maximize your efficiency.

By investing in universal rail kits, cable management, and a few crucial used server rack accessories, you can streamline operations and increase productivity by leaps and bounds. All of these used rack server components will help you build towards saving money in the long run and take your data center to the next level.

The computer server manufacturing industry is booming, generating approximately $14 billion every single year. However, its continued success will be based on the efforts of people just like you who strive to enhance their data centers in every way imaginable. By obtaining these three important components of used server racks, you can secure your share of an industry on the rise.

  • Universal rail kits. While a single 19- or 23-inch rack can accommodate anywhere from 42 to hundreds of servers, the server rail kits for these racks are not all the same. When rackmounting to a server rack cabinet enclosure, you need rail kits that can work with different types of servers. Universal rail kits make it easier to mount racks in an orderly fashion.

  • Cable management. If you have a maze of cables running haywire through your data center, you are not alone. Energy use among U.S. data centers grew approximately 36% from 2005 to 2010, and much of this was due to an unorganized cable setup. Plus, maintenance and troubleshooting is infinitely harder when you can't discern between cables. You need a comprehensive cable management plan to avoid this harrowing fate.

  • Keyboard trays and rack accessories. When you need a server shelf, mounting hardware, cooling fans, keyboard trays, or any other accessory for your used network racks, it's nice to have them already onsite. Invest in various used accessories at low prices and keep them handy for when you inevitably need one.

  • There's never been a better time to run a data center, and exciting new developments in refurbishment have made it easier to enhance your productivity without breaking the bank. Invest in these three important things and take your data center to the next level.