From APC Server Racks to Universal Kits, Here are a Few Things That Every Data Center Should Be Investing in

25th Mar 2016

apc server rackEvery data center and office has its own set of unique needs, and most of these discrepancies stem from the need for different types of equipment. Additionally, your business may have a wide range of products from different brands, making it difficult to know which ancillary equipment you should invest in.

Considering the amount of money you spend on brand new name-brand equipment, you should always try to get the biggest bang for your buck with used server racks. Used and refurbished server racks can be found in several different popular brands and styles. Plus, you can even invest in universal server racks if you don't want to purchase individual racks for each manufacturer.

There are approximately 334 computer server manufacturing companies in the U.S., and each produces different equipment that requires specific server racks. Here are a few of the top brands and styles of used server racks that you should keep in your data center or office:

  • APC server racks. APC server racks are some of the most popular in the industry, and they make for a great bargain when purchased used or refurbished. If you're looking for server racks that prioritize cooling and temperature regulation, an APC server rack is the solution. Most data centers operate in a temperature range between 68 and 72 degrees, and your server racks should always be prepared to handle changes in temperature. APC racks are specifically designed to handle advanced computing processes without overheating.
  • Dell server racks. Dell is one of the most prominent manufacturers in the computing industry, so it only makes sense to keep Dell server racks in your data center or office. If the size of your server racks is important, Dell server racks will be ideal for you. Desktop server rack variants range from 5U to 20U, and Dell offers many different sizes of server racks to meet all of your needs.
  • Universal server racks. While it's often best to invest in manufacturer-specific server racks, you absolutely need to consider the benefits of universal server racks. These can really come in handy if you're in a pinch because one of your server racks broke down. Plus, used universal racks are generally the same price as ones straight from the manufacturer.

The quality and functionality of your equipment can make or break your business, so you always need to stay educated on new trends in computing. Invest in any of these used or refurbished server racks to ensure that your equipment is on par with your competition.