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As Sony Continues to Outsell Microsoft's XBOX One, Microsoft Looks to the Cloud | Global 1 Resources

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Amid floundering sales and a user base that is increasingly switching allegiance, Microsoft is yet again considering increasing its XBOX One gaming system's dependence on the cloud and dedicated servers. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), held every year in June, Microsoft made it clear that with each new AAA title released, the company would look to move processing needs away from user consoles and towards their rack computer farms.

It's not terribly surprising news. Earlier this year, the House of Gates unveiled plans to lend the power of offsite computer racks to players of the popular Titanfall video game. The issue? Unlike the Playstation 4 and modern desktop computers, Microsoft's XBOX One, the latest in its family of gaming consoles, seemingly lacks the power to handle many popular games, Titanfall included, without a severe hit to performance. As Gaming Bolt reports, the news from E3 is unique in that instead of offering generalized public servers through its farms of rack computers, Microsoft will now segment the cloud into dedicated servers for each of its big titles.

An Expensive but Necessary Move for Microsoft
The cost of Microsoft's shift toward the cloud will be a large one. Large data centers, housing anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of server rack enclosures, can use as much power as a small town. That energy, coupled with increased security measures, will leave Microsoft with a hefty bill, but with the fate of one of their flagship products being tied directly to the success of expanded rack computer farms, the company has little choice but to bite the bullet. Microsoft's once fanatical user base, writes the popular gaming website Nerdable, is increasingly growing impatient, instead choosing to take their time and money to Microsoft's rivals at Sony.

Many Industry Insiders Say It's Too Late for XBOX One
For many, Microsoft's cloud-based push to improve customer experience is seen as too little, too late. The XBOX One's position draws parallels with how Sony's Playstation 3 was received in 2006. According to International Business Times, the Playstation 4 is currently outselling the XBOX One at a rate of nearly two-to-one. As of July 2014, the PS4 has moved nine million units, with Microsoft's sinking ship managing a meager five million. Microsoft looks to remain firmly in second place for this generation of the Console Wars.

Do you think Microsoft's move to the cloud will allow them to catch up to Sony? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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