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Storing Your Server with Enclosed and Portable Server Racks

For companies whose businesses rely on the web or who offer web-based services, having the right equipment for a server is a necessity. If you plan to have a server room, or have one already, make sure that your servers are properly stored using server rack enclosures. Similarly, those with smaller servers can enjoy the same security and storage [...]

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What You Should Know About Buying Server Racks

What You Should Know About Buying Server RacksAccording to Geek Wire, Microsoft is "one step closer" to fuel cell powered server racks. A team from the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California Irvine recently put together a proof-of-concept demonstration based on the system Microsoft had designed in a paper they released a year ago. The demonstration indicated [...]

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How to Help Avoid Fires in Your Server Rooms | Global1Resources.com

Avoid Fires in Your Server RoomsDid you know that cramped and disorganized server rooms are especially susceptible to fires? Keeping servers safe requires regulated temperatures and maximum efficiency, especially in terms of space. What are some of the key components companies need to look for in a server store room? Consider Climate and Temperature Certain climate conditions and temperatures may increase [...]

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Server Rack Cases | Global1Resources.com

The Inside Scoop on Server Rack CasesAs more and more business around the world convert to cloud-based software and storage, the demand for competent, reliable servers is on the rise -— and with it, a demand for server rack cases to protect, cool, and streamline a server room or data center. Here are just a few of the things [...]

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Used Server Rack | Global1Resources.com

How a Server Rack Can Help Save Your SystemEverything you've been told about the internet is a lie. OK, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there's a bit of true in there somewhere. If you enter the phrase "How many websites are there?" into Google and search for it, you'll come [...]

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