Microsoft Readies 16 Security Patches for Massive Windows Update

Posted by Global 1 Resources on 13th Nov 2014

Microsoft Readies 16 Security Patches for Massive Windows Update

According to a new report from Computer Weekly, tech giant Microsoft is preparing to release a huge set of updates for a number of its most popular software options. The update package, which will go live on November 11, will include no fewer than 16 separate patches meant to update Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Windows Office, and the much maligned Internet Explorer.

The updates mark the first time since 2011 that Microsoft has released so many patches at once. What's especially interesting about the patches, especially for those looking to lock down and better secure their server rack cabinets, is that of the 16 patches going live this month, five of them are labeled "critical." A critical marking, as an outline from Microsoft shows, means that the House of Gates believes the updates are absolutely essential in fighting off the increasing number of hostile web entities now appearing across the worldwide web.

Microsoft's Software is Often the Most Popular, Yet Most Vulnerable
The release of the newest update package will no doubt come as welcome news to the countless businesses out there that rely on Microsoft technology to power their server rack enclosures. As statistics from the tech and digital security website Netcraftshow, Microsoft's Windows Server is used by 32.8% of all businesses running web servers. That makes it the most popular server solution in the world.

Unfortunately, that popularity has come with a price. From Internet Explorer to Windows Server, Microsoft-based software remains the most targeted software on the market, whether you're talking about games or business solutions, for hackers and engineers of malware. Even so, most businesses are willing to risk the possible security issues to gain the many benefits of running Windows Server on their server rack cabinets.

It's believed that when Microsoft releases the software updates, a patch which Jon Rudolph of Core Security called "whopping" in an email to Computer Weekly, many of the most pressing security concerns will finally be solved. In short, while installing the huge package will mean significant downtime for many businesses, the benefits of such a patch will make Windows Server and Microsoft's seemingly endless list of other popular software even stronger options for any business that is looking to succeed in the Digital Age.

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