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A Guide to Choosing Server Rack Accessories

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Custom server rack cabinets and rooms clear up space in crowded or busy facilities and allow companies to get the highest functioning potential out of their IT systems. Properly housed servers keep business running smoothly and more efficiently.

If you're investing in a server enclosure cabinet, having the right server rack accessories is a must.

Rack screws are fairly straightforward. They're used to keep the components of your server rack cabinet together. You can get rack screws with different head types. Phillips head screws are convenient enough, but Square or Torx head screws might be better if you tend to rearrange your server rack cabinet often. They'll be less likely to strip when you screw and unscrew them.

Rack drawers aren't a necessity, but they can be a handy place to store repair supplies and labeling equipment for your many servers.

Server rack shelves can be used for equipment that can't be mounted directly onto the rack, for size, weight or design reasons. They're also useful for equipment you only want to store in your server rack cabinet temporarily. Sliding shelves can be installed if you need a piece of equipment to extend outward.

Blank panels fill in the spaces you don't use so that your rack arrangement looks finished and professional. They come in a wide assortment of styles and sizes to fit your functional and aesthetic needs. Some panels include venting, hinges, and flanges.

Server rack rails are used to mount shelves and equipment. Most systems come with two sets, but you may need more depending on your technology needs. These come in different sizes and mounting styles, so make sure what you're mounting is compatible with the rails you order.

Feet come in several styles, including casters for easy maneuverability, levelers to make sure racks remain stable during movement, and anti-tip feet to stabilize mid- or top-heavy racks.

Choosing the right accessories is the best way to make sure your server rack functions at maximum efficiency.

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