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Storing Your Server with Enclosed and Portable Server Racks

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For companies whose businesses rely on the web or who offer web-based services, having the right equipment for a server is a necessity. If you plan to have a server room, or have one already, make sure that your servers are properly stored using server rack enclosures. Similarly, those with smaller servers can enjoy the same security and storage that a regular server rack cabinet can offer by using a portable server rack, perfect for fitting beneath a desk or in any office.

Why are server rack enclosures necessary? These crucial fixtures are important in keeping your server in proper working order. Server rooms (sometimes called clean rooms) are often a great way for larger businesses to ensure that their servers are dust free and cooled to the correct temperature to prevent overheating. It is also important to consider the most effective ways to cool a server room in order to lessen energy consumption and environmental impact. These rooms are usually cooled through air conditioning, and having a server rack that will allow for the most efficient cooling methods can save your company money on energy costs.

When purchasing a server rack, there are several things to consider. One is how the server will be cooled, as different server rack cases allow for different cooling methods. Another factor is scalability: what storage needs will your company have in the future? If your server room may expand, consider the various server rack sizes, and size up if you know you might be expanding your server capabilities. Finally, using a portable server rack (typically mounted with casters) is great way to move equipment easily and without damage. Portable server racks can come in small and large sizes, and they can work in a small space or in a clean room.

Above all, make sure that you know what your server's needs are. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for proper storage solutions. Also, make sure to check the specifications of a server rack before purchasing it. Doing so will ensure that your servers -- and your business -- experience minimal disruptions and technical issues.

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