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How a Server Rack Can Help Save Your System

Everything you've been told about the internet is a lie.
OK, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there's a bit of true in there somewhere. If you enter the phrase "How many websites are there?" into Google and search for it, you'll come up with a number around 644 million. That's a figure attributed to Netcraft, a leading web research firm, which means there's some validity to it.
In truth, however, there really isn't any "official" way to ascertain exactly how many websites exist, or how many internet users there really are -- or even how big the internet really is, for that matter. There is simply too much data to fully measure the enormity of it.  When you're a business, however, you're not usually worried about the big picture of the web. No, your focus lies on what exactly it's going to take to keep your system up and running. That's where a good server rack can help.
It might not sound like much, but mounting hardware for your server is what will end up saving your company's life in the long run. For a little perspective, consider these numbers: It costs over $7,000 to install a brand new turbo engine inside a bulldozer after the machine fails on you. But that's revenue you can make up with a few extra hours of work spread out over a period of time.
When your server goes down, however, the average web business isn't nearly as lucky with its total losses. If you thought $7,000 was bad, try $300,000 per hour. That's what losses due to IT or other server-related problems cost the average company. Dropping a few hundred dollars on a used server rack doesn't sound so bad now, does it?
In fact, you can probably find one for even cheaper. Server rack shelves and server rack enclosures tend to be sold by companies that are moving to other office spaces and investing in brand new office equipment. You could save yourself a whole lot of trouble by locking down a used server rack now in order to prevent future hardware malfunctions in the future.  But why is a server rack so important, you might be asking? These racks help to stabilize your central computers and servers, and the more advanced models even have climate-controlled options to ensure your gear won't suffer from any overheating. Like the numbers point out, it's hard to recover from an unexpected loss when it comes to server issues. Investing in a used server rack right up front can help cut the risk of these accidents by a huge margin. It's all about planning out your success strategies from the get-go.

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