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How Do You Choose the Right Server Racks? | Global1Resources.com

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Do You Know How To Select Server Racks?

Did you know that there are 324 top level domains?  A top level domain is what finishes off a URL address.  It is the ".com" or ".org" that give some indication of who is behind the website.  If that's a fact that interests you, then you are probably in IT, and you might be responsible for the computer server racks at your place of employment.  However, choosing the right racks for your servers can be challenging.  Between varying server sizes, varying options on racks, including whether they are opened or enclosed, how many holes they have, and what kind of security they offer, it might seem like your best choice is whatever will hold all of your servers.  End of story.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Here are two important things that you need to know about server rack shelves as you shop for solutions.

Special Considerations for server rack enclosures.

Do you know the kind of server cabinet power that will be required?  This is an important consideration and will have a bearing on what kind of server rack shelves you ultimately need.  Also, it may be worth considering a portable server rack if you anticipate needing to rearrange, or move your server in the near future.  Portable racks, and having adequate cabinet power can do a lot to reduce downtime in the future.

Save money by choosing used server racks.

If your company is growing very quickly, then it may be worth considering what kind of space will be needed in the future.  It would be unfortunate to purchase just enough of the top-of-the-line server racks for your current needs, if in under a year you will be growing and expanding, making those server racks almost obsolete for your new servers.  Used racks may be more affordable, allowing you to purchase the racks that will meet your needs months or even years down the line, as your business makes more demands on its technology.

Server rack shelves may be one of the less complicated aspects of managing IT for your company, but they still have their intricacies and special requirements.  Remember to consider cabinet power, portability, and making arrangements for future expansion.

The Inside Scoop on Server Rack Cases

As more and more business around the world convert to cloud-based software and storage, the demand for competent , reliable servers is on the rise -- and with it, a demand for server rack cases to protect, cool, and streamline a server room or data center.  Here are just a few of the things server rack enclosures can enclose other than servers.

  • A single server by itself will generate heat.  Stack a few on top of eachother in a rack, and they can noticeably raise the tempature of the room.  In order to maintain a comfortable and efficient working temperature for servers and humans alike, fans and cooling units can be installed into server rack cases, either at the base, at the top, or in any rack space.Cooling units.
  • In order to make maintenance and repairs easier, rack-mounted sliding shelves can also be installed in your server cases.  These shelves can provide a handy surface for tools, parts, or components, rather than using the floor or needing a table near every rack.  Rack-mounted slide-out terminals and LCD displays are also an easy addition to any case, providing a convenient access point for diagnostics or software upgrades.Helpful Accessories.
  • The enclosure itself can determine how much server noise (or cooling fan noise) escapes into the room.  Sound-proofed cases can make it possible for the office space to double as the server room, without any bleed of sound.  This can be especially helpful for recording studios, which require large amounts of storage capacity in a highly-controlled acoustic environment.Sound Control.

Looking to save some money on your rack cases?

Remember, the number of servers in operation is always increasing, and companies are constantly upgrading their data centers and server rooms.  That means that finding used server rack cases at attractive prices is simply a matter of searching.  Make sure the case is structrally sound, and that you know which accessories (like the ones listed above) are included.

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